No.7 Hertenlaser OS

No.7 Hertenlaser OS

Type of the laser marking machine

  Now domestic packaging technology has been developing up, so the marking technology is improving. Each bag will be printed on some date. The marking machine is used for production information, so laser marking machines are now popular. It has become common, and the types of laser marking machines are increasing. Many customers do not know how to choose. Beijing Herten Science &  Technology Co., Ltd. summarized some types and uses of laser marking machine. You can choose a suitable laser marking machine.   Small word jet machine: as a very common inkjet printer, is widely used, accounting for 80% of the market. Small jet is widely used in food, cosmetics, medicine, automobile and other parts processing, wire and cable industry, aluminum and plastic pipes, tobacco and alcohol and other industries.   High-resolution jet machine: The injection machine with a resolution of more than 200DPI is called high-resolution injection machine, mainly used in plastic pipes, cartons and other few industries.   Laser marking machine: laser marking machine is suitable for more complex and fine industries, mainly used for electronic components, electrical appliances, mobile phone communication, etc.   Hot foam spray code machine: The ink used by the hot foam spray code machine is selective for the material, usually used in materials with permeable surfaces such as paper, plastic, metal, cloth, etc.   Hot transfer printer: mainly used for the packaging, labels of soft and thin materials, etc   Hand-held marking machine: mainly used for large, heterogeneous, various kinds, frequent information changes, changeable marking position, unable or difficult to achieve.
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