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Beijing Herten Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, headquartered in Fengtai Science and Technology Park, Zhongguancun High-tech Industrial Park, Beijing. The production factory is located in the International Enterprise Park of Wuqing District National Development Zone, Tianjin. It has a modern production base. Herten Laser specializes in laser equipment R & D, production, sales and after-sales service. The company has Tianjin, Wuxi (non-standard), Nanjing, Guangzhou directly affiliated offices and nationwide sales and service network. The company has a rich talent reserve, strong technical force, and Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom and other world-renowned device manufacturers close cooperation, developed a series of high-tech laser processing equipment.

In 2011, the cable laser coding machine was successfully developed and put into the market, with the support of special transformer electrician, Baosheng technology, Jiangsu Hengtong, Zhongtian technology, Huayu cable, Nanyang, Guangdong cable factory, Guangzhou cable factory, Xinyaguang, Zhonglian cable, Luneng Taishan, Jiangsu Shangshang and other domestic cable leading enterprises.


Product development and innovation

Win recognition and trust from partners

Beijing Herten Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, our company is one of the most complete manufacturers of domestic marking products. The company set design research and development, production, after-sales service, technical support, marking training, laser processing services equal to one, providing a full set of marking services.

The company's main products include optical fiber laser marking machine, semiconductor laser marking machine, carbon dioxide laser marking machine, laser inkjet printer, pneumatic marking machine and so on.

Marketing and Services

High quality and perfect service development market

Our main spare parts suppliers are Germany, the United States and other top laser enterprises in Europe and the United States, the company has a rich talent reserve, strong technical force, with its own product research and development center. Herten Laser R & D Center and Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University and other units through accurate design and a large number of optical path tests, cooperation in the development of a number of industrial marking machines. Years of after-sales production experience makes our equipment continuous improvement, quality continuous improvement. All procedures are strictly in accordance with ISO9001 standards. Strict monitoring and perfect experimental inspection to ensure the quality of each marking equipment out of the factory. Herten has created its own brand in many industries. The company pays close attention to product quality and after-sales service quality only to maintain our reputation and create our brand.



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501,Fifth Floor,Building 2,No.38 East Yard, Fengtai District,Beijing,China

R & D production:

44-3 Cai Fu Xing Yuan industrial park,Xia Zhu Zhuang Street, Wuqing District, Tianjin City, China




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